Chipotle campaign

Why I like it…

The conventions were that fast food dumbed down food and treated their customers as, if not dumb, then definitely apathetic. The did super slow-mo product shots but only it seemed of the product once someone had dropped it, as it bounced up from a plate. Sometimes the ads were dumb but other times, like McDonalds, it could be lovely slice of life work.

But they never had a point of view. They never thought they should say something bigger, more meaningful. They probably thought it was a can of worms.

So Chipotle stole in, took the high ground, and not only provided a counterpoint, they undermined the old guard completely. You either buy into that or you don’t. But it forces you to make a decision. And you either love it or you don’t. People feel something about this brand. And this spot is at the heart of that.

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